Thursday, July 12, 2012

ICC World Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2012 - Sri Lanka

The ICC World Twenty20 (T20) Cricket world cup is going to be played on Sri lanka on 2012. I'm waiting for the grand cricket world cup to begin. ICC World T20 is the very interesting choice of every people and I too love this kind of cricket very much.

The ICC T20 2012 is hosted by Sri Lanka and will cover too many nations. I'll be probably there to watch the match live, whats about you? I hope you'll also be there to watch T20 World Cup 2012 Live from the stadium.

The ICC World T20 Cup 2011 was won by India and India is one of the strong team for this Twenty20 Cup. Other different nations like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia are also good in their aspects. We can only stay here and wait for the grand T20 match to watch and have great joy of Cricket Twenty20 match. So, be there at Sri Lanka to watch Twenty20 2012 Cricket live.


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